The determination of the age categories for the 2023-2024 competition season is based on the year of birth:

Adults : born in 2007 or earlier   all disciplines, all categories
Juniors : born in 2008, 2009, 2010, or 2011   Hip Hop Solo Male, Groups, and Formations;
all other, non-Hip Hop disciplines
Juniors 1 : born in 2010 or 2011   only Hip Hop solos female and duos
Juniors 2 : born in 2008 or 2009   only Hip Hop solos female and duos
Children : born in 2012 or later   all disciplines, all categories
Mini Kids : born in 2017 or later   only Hip Hop solos *)
    *) Mini Kids are allowed to dance in Hip Hop Solos Children as well.
    Be aware: IDO uses Juniors 1 and 2 in all disciplines.
Take this into account for duos that want to participate in IDO competitions.